Understanding rslogix 5000 training simulator

If you didn’t already know, the PLCLogix 5000 software is taking the world by storm and it features operations that come straight from RSLogix 5000 training simulator. This state-of-the program has been designed to emulate the operations involved with both Rockwell RSLogix 5000 and ControlLogix controller. The simulator also allows users to get a better understanding of PLC programming. So, read on as we dive deeper into understanding the software.

When students get a feel of the software, they’re going to be able to immerse themselves into a world where they can easily develop and practice their programming skills. They’re also going to learn a significant amount of tag-based PLC operations within a completely realistic environment that is fully simulated by the software. Additionally, students also get the opportunity to test, design and even troubleshoot a series of different PLC ladder logic circuits.

The PLCLogix 5000 simulator comes with over 250 lab projects which were pre-built. There is also the inclusion of 50 different projects which are suited for lab use. The software has been designed to initially replicate a series of operations which come directly from the Rockwell RSLogix 5000 series. There’s also going to be an instruction set which allows increased flexibility of tag monitoring and tag-based addressing.

Additionally, there are also 10 different 3D animated worlds which ensure that a series of different service and manufacturing applications are simulated. The pre-designed worlds simulate bottling lines, dual-compressors, batch mixing, a moving car wash, elevators, traffic lights, warehouse door, silos, single-compressors and a stationary car wash. Within each world, there is a series of different control panels which contain thumbwheels, switches, dials, levers, pushbuttons and data input.

Students also get the opportunity to deal with sophisticated data for both structures and array. There is also a free-form editor which allows a student or simply a user to customize the different logic rungs all at the same time. The software also allows point-and-click graphical interface which creates the most realists editing method. Hence, it is easier for a student to earn a new PLC certificate without even entering a physical classroom.

The creators of this program have ensured that those interested in learning can have the best opportunity. Currently there are several providers which offer a completely interactive curriculum for students and they employ both audio and video along with laboratory simulation which include both 3D and 2D interactions. With this particular software, students can also get the benefits that come with interactive exercises and even proper PLC tutorial support.

The various technical programs offered also prepare students for employment as well as job training within a number of different industries. Some of these include technical support as well as service during an installation process and they will also learn how to repair systems. Most institutions ensure that students cover the following:

*A comprehensive introduction to advanced PLC

*PLC Processors

*Programming both terminals and peripherals

*I/O systems

*Maintenance and installation of PLC systems

*Ladder logic programming

*Tag-based PLC

*Successfully employing timers within a system


*Loop and branch controls

*Data handling



*Process controls

*PLC communication

*Distributed control systems

*SCADA systems


*Advanced PLC languages

So, if you’re interested in being trained within the PLC field, it’s best to select a school or provider who ensures that you properly understand the previously mentioned training material. Even though they may seem like a lot to cover, they’re going to ensure that you have the right training to move forward with your career.

As we conclude, we have just looked at what PLCLogix 5000 offers to potential users. We have also looked at a series of important concepts which must be covered in order for someone to become a fully certified PLC technician. If your passion is PLC and you’re interested in learning on your own or even in a classroom setting, then PLCLogix 5000 is the one for you!

Tom Archibeque is the owner and trainer at Control Logic Training. Tom is an experienced Electrical Controls Engineer, providing Rockwell Automation control system integration, PLC programming and training. Working with numerous packaging manufacturing machine builders, keeping current with today’s PLC programming techniques.