Health And Safety Tips For Security Guards On Duty

Security guards are important assets to any business. A security guard company Houston not only protects your establishment but he or she also safeguards your staff and your customers, which is why it is very important that you take care of your security guards. Keep in mind that in order for them to be effective at their job they must be in tiptop safe. Sure, their primary role is to keep you safe and basically your role is to pay their wages but as a company owner who chose to hire them to keep you safe, you are responsible for their safety while they are on patrol.

How can you keep your security guards safe and healthy while they are on duty? Security guards underwent training and they know how to protect themselves but it helps to reinforce them with the following tips:

They Should Always Wear Protective Gear

Security guards are expected to wear protective gear at all times whenever they are on patrol because even when the job seems like a routine to them, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Most attacks are unexpected so it’s best to be prepared all the time. Inform your security guards to carry firearms but if they are not allowed to carry firearms at least equip them with defensive tools. Also, make sure they have a baton, pepper spray, a functional radio and a flashlight.

They Should Be Attentive to Their Job Site

Part of the job of security guards is to patrol all areas of your establishment and some of these areas may contain dangerous materials. It is important that you brief your security guards about these toxic and dangerous substances so they’ll know what to do and what to avoid. Your security guards must know what actions to take if in case they come in contact with toxic substances. You must also inform them about specific areas of your property that requires extra protection. In this way, security guards can add crates or barrels on that particular area for added protection.

Let Them Wear Proper Clothing

Fashion is not a prerequisite in this kind of job. What matters is they are dressed in a manner that allows them to perform their job well. It doesn’t matter if it their uniform matches in color what’s important is the design, quality and comfort. For example, make sure that the shoes your security guards are wearing fit them well and the quality and style must allow them to move without restrictions. The soles should also be non-slip to avoid injury.

Remind Them to Keep A Safe Distance from Suspected Criminals

Security guards already know how to deal with suspects but it helps to remind them to keep a safe distance so they can protect themselves when suspects resort to violence.

Motivate Them to Stay Fit

Motivate your security guards to continue with their training because it is important that they stay fit to be effective at their job. Being fit also prepares their bodies for combat as it improves their agility, strength and endurance. A security guard who has a fit body displays strength and this will intimidate potential criminals.

Teach Them to Pause, Look, Listen and Observe

Attacks are premeditated and almost always they come when you least expect them to. Encourage your security guards to take a moment to pause and observe the surroundings and heighten their senses and remind them to pay attention to detail.

Remind Them to Eat Right and Take Vitamins

Proper nutrition is important to keep security guards safe and healthy. This is especially helpful for security guards that are scheduled to patrol at night. They have to have sufficient nutrition so they won’t get sick easily. Aside from eating right and taking vitamins they should also get enough sleep to keep them awake and alert while they are on duty.

The job of a security guard is not easy. In fact, it’s a high-risk job that can put their life in danger. As their employer, you must find ways to keep them healthy and safe. These tips will ensure that your security guards are protected. It also ensures that they are effective at their job and that they are healthy and fit while they are on duty.

Tim Wilson is the owner of International Guard Services in Houston, TX. He is a former law enforcement officer, with experience in security and investigations.