Taxi Advertising Gets You More Mileage for Your Ad Spend

Black Cab with advertising wrapTaxi advertising has gradually grown to become a very popular medium in modern marketing. People can’t help but get drawn to the bold graphical details and illustrations painted on the bodies of taxis. And whereas in London taxis are everywhere, a business can count on their advertisement to get incredible exposure. This is the foundational philosophy of Ubiquitous, an advertising firm offering taxi advertising in London on the iconic black cabs the city is known for.

In the UK, and London in particular, taxi is one of the major means of transport for those who don’t own a car or prefer to avoid the parking hassles involved in traveling short distances around the city. The famous black cab taxis can be found everywhere and are very visible. These cabs travel hundreds of routes throughout the zones in which they operate and are likely to be seen by large numbers of people. It is for these reasons that companies are investing in advertising their brands, using creatively designed, full-vehicle wraps on taxis. This is a very effective method of advertising, although choosing the right taxi advert company is also important in making sure your message gets the result you desire.

Ubiquitous Services

Ubiquitous excels in providing high quality effective taxi advertising solutions to ensure your brand is seen everywhere taxis go. Their professional graphic art designers are very creative and will innovatively advertise your establishment in a manner that is unique to taxi adverts. The colours, emphasis on message delivered and fine aspects such as reflectivity are keenly chosen and designed to ensure everyone clearly sees your company and knows what it offers.

Almost any business can be advertised effectively. There are wrapped cabs that advertise for various clients with different goals. From Microsoft to Vodafone, Blueberry and L’Oreal, Ubiquitous is dedicated to meet the demands and goals of each client by delivering unique taxi advertising solutions. They also offer quick campaigns in desired regions to ensure your target markets are made aware of your brands. Ubiquitous’ solutions are based on 30 years of experience in this particular niche media, which makes them expert at configuring your target message into fully mobile advertisements. In addition to providing custom wrappings, they can also paint the vehicle body depending on the method you pick. There are additionally different styles of advertising that include exterior body and interior advertising. They can customize designs for liveries, vitos and superb two-side styles.

Some More Unique Facts about Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous taxis are modern, in top working condition and of appealing designs. The drivers are trained professionals who uphold road safety principles to maintain a good public image and they are also trained about the advertiser’s brand in case a passenger asks a few questions concerning what you offer. They are friendly and always willing to spread the name of your brand to inquisitive passengers. Striking up a conversation about establishments who advertise on the taxis is one of the communication skills they are trained on. This ensures more people become aware of your company and passengers get more details which can help them better understand what your brand stands for.

Advantages of Advertising on Taxis

London taxi with advert on the sideThere are many benefits of using taxi cabs in advertising your company’s brand, services or offers. In the modern domain of business, success requires a combination of different marketing and promotion solutions to ensure all possible points are exploited. Combining the various internet and media marketing options is very effective. Adding taxi advertisement to that mix will help further those results.

Cabs traverse many locations in a day and make stops at various neighbourhoods. Unlike the annoying interrupting adverts on TVs or internet pop-ups, cab advertising is silent and does not intrude into personal time. It is however very conspicuous making it one of the easiest ways to target a given market (neighbourhood). Hiring these services from a company with trained drivers and good quality cars will produce incredible results.

If you’re considering giving black cab advertising a go with your marketing budget, bear in mind that choosing the correct company to provide such services is paramount to achieving organizational goals set for this method. Ubiquitous can be trusted to offer functional advertising solutions through well maintained cabs, professional and friendly drivers and innovative advertising designs and styles. They deliver your message to the public in a way that stands out and is sure to be remembered, and in the end, can give you the best mileage for your advertising expenditure.


Mobile Device – A Business Technology Must Have

business smart phone tabletTime is money. We all know the importance of making use of our time properly in order to get the results we want. The same is true for running a business. You want to make sure that your time and every one else’s time is being handled properly. No minute can afford to be wasted.

This is where a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is very important in a business. It gives you the ability to reach out both to your employees and clients in the fastest manner possible. You are able to respond to them more quickly, as well. People are becoming impatient. We do not want to make clients and customers wait. If they do, you stand the risk of losing a client who became impatient waiting for your reply.

The following are the reasons why a mobile device is a business technology, which you and your company should have:

Communication Is Fast

The greatest benefit of a mobile device is that you are able to communicate with everyone in your company faster. You do not need to wait for them to log into their emails or even answer a call. You can use Viber or Whatsapp to communicate with them instantly, for free. Important business matters that do need immediate attention will be taken care of without missing an opportunity or deadline. Just texxt your message to the person concerned and the information is at their fingertips. You might just save your business from a loss.

Sharing Of Files Is Easy

businesswoman using smartphone 1000There are times when you need a file sent to you or perhaps your client needs to request a file from you. This can be done easily through the use of Dropbox or via email. In just a matter of seconds your recipient will get the file. No more delays or having to be in front of your laptop or PC in order to do the transfer. It is the most convenient way of sending files to other people.

Meetings Can Be Organized and Held on the Fly

We all know meetings consume much of a business’s time. Waiting for people to come to the venue can be cumbersome. This can waste valuable production time, even when the attendees arrive on time. Technology has made it possible to hold meetings without travel and scheduling being much of an issue anymore. You can conduct meetings with multiple individuals, without having to be physically present at the office. All you have to do is to use a service with group conferencing, like Skype. You can do the video conference real time. Everyone can present their information and the conference can even be recorded, as well. For those unable to attend, the recorded meeting ensures they didn’t miss anything that was covered in the meeting. This is a lot more beneficial than merely getting a summary of meeting notes.

There is, however, one caution on using a mobile device in the business setting. People often become so engaged with the ability to send and receive data so easily that they develop the habit of using it for pleasure instead of for business purposes. This is something that companies of all sizes have struggled with since the advent of mobile devices. How not to lose more valuable time, while employing devices that theoretically should increase productivity. Many businesses handle this by making it a policy that all employees use the company’s devices and communications resources for work and not for personal activities, like checking their Facebook feed.

On the plus side, imagine how much your business would improve in terms of productivity when a mobile device is being used for business. When everyone is working at maximum levels of productivity, including you, there will be a huge difference when it comes time to look over your sales revenue. The overall performance of your company can be changed dramatically enough with technology to make it worth investing on proven, effective systems for using mobile devices to its advantage. Are you now ready to make that change?